Xinha – From classroom to consultant

When Xinha joined Sugarman this year as a Recruitment Consultant, she knew her previous experience in education would help her to succeed in the role and build lasting relationships with her candidates.

For many years, Xinha was registered with Sugarman Education as a TA, working in a long term role at a SEN school. This has given her a real insight into what qualities are required for the right candidate and how to meet the needs of each school.

She said “I loved the TA role and did it for many years. I am actually still in touch with one of the children’s parents and I help out with tutoring from time to time.”

A different perspective

Xinha’s former consultant Bianca, is now her mentor within the Sugarman team and has supported her within the role to ensure she is comfortable and offering support as she sees supply work from a different perspective.

“I’ve always had a great working relationship with Bianca and I want to make sure that I emulate that with my own candidates so that they feel comfortable the way that I did. I now know how hard it is when a candidate can’t make it to work that day!”

Past experience

By building trust with her teaching staff, Xinha has been able to recognise what people are best suited to the role and takes an honest approach when explaining their suitability.

“It is important candidates are using the right language towards children in SEN schools and are open to the experience. I have been in their shoes and you must gauge the needs of each child. I stand by that and won’t place just anyone in a school.”

Since joining the team, Xinha has been able to develop personally in the role and has succeeded in managing a busy desk, with no two days the same.

“I make sure I am calm in this role. It can be very hectic when you have their whole life in your hands and you need to make sure the staff are prepared for work. It is a good adrenalin rush.”

I have received lots of guidance here and we really help each other. It is a very open space and I am able to learn from my own mistakes and find out what works well for me.”

If you would like to speak to Xinha about the opportunities she has available, please call 0203 9577 251.