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1. Contact Us


Candidates can easily get in touch with us by calling 0207 614 4270 or sending us an email at


When applying for a role on our website, candidates are encouraged to provide detailed information about their education, qualifications, relevant experience, certifications as well as their contact details. Make sure the CV you submit is up to date. If you need to update your CV, you can do this by logging into your account on our website and clicking ‘manage account’.


To make the registration process more efficient, candidates should ensure that their details are accurate and complete. Any mistakes in your contact details can make getting in touch with you slower and more difficult.


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2. Pre-Screen Call


A pre-screen call is conducted by one of our recruitment consultants to gather additional information about your work preferences, availability, and career goals.


This is an opportunity for candidates to discuss their desired roles, preferred locations, and any specific requirements they may have.


Candidates should be prepared to provide details about their availability for work, including preferred start dates and desired working hours.

3. Provide Relevant Documentation


Candidates are required to provide various documentation and compliance documents to verify their eligibility to work in education roles.


These documents may include a valid passport, photo ID, national insurance number, right to work documents, DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Service), proof of address, and any relevant qualifications or certifications.


It’s essential for candidates to ensure that all documentation is up-to-date and meets the necessary requirements outlined by regulatory authorities.


For guidance, click here to view the necessary qualifications for a teaching assistant role outlined by Gov.UK and click here for required qualifications for teachers.

4. Face-to-Face Interview


Candidates undergo a face-to-face interview with one of our recruitment consultants to discuss their career aspirations, skills, and experience in more detail.


During the interview, candidates can expect questions about their previous work experience, strengths, areas of expertise, and preferences for specific roles or settings.


Candidates should use this opportunity to ask questions about potential job opportunities, our recruitment process, and any other relevant information they may need to know.


The interview should take less than an hour.

5. Compliance Check


Our team conducts a thorough check of the candidate’s compliance documents to ensure they meet all legal and regulatory requirements for working in education roles.


This may involve verifying the authenticity of documents, reviewing DBS and background checks, and ensuring that candidates have the necessary qualifications and certifications for their desired roles. Our team will also verify the references you’ve provided us with.


Candidates should ensure that all required documents are provided promptly and accurately to make the compliance check process quicker.

6. Clearance for Work


Once all compliance documents are verified and in order, candidates are cleared for work and added to our pool of qualified candidates.


Depending on the specific requirements of the role, candidates may be required to complete additional training or paperwork before starting their assignment.


Candidates should remain in communication with our team throughout this process to ensure a smooth transition into their new role.

7. You’re All Set!


When we find a suitable role that matches the candidate’s preferences and qualifications, we reach out to them with details of the job offer.


Candidates have the opportunity to review the job offer, including details such as the job description, location, pay rate, and start date.


Once the candidate accepts the offer, our team provides all necessary information and support to ensure a successful placement.


Your dedicated consultant will be in regular contact with you and ask for your feedback and whether you’re enjoying your new role. If the role is not to your satisfaction, inform your consultant and they will find you a more suitable position.