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Every job requires certain skills and qualities and working in recruitment is no different. As a Recruitment Consultant, you have to be confident, chatty and able to build strong relationships. 


When Bianca joined Sugarman Education 8 years ago, as a Compliance Officer, she was new to the world of recruitment and in her own words “was quite a shy person.” Working at Sugarman Education has allowed Bianca to build her confidence and the skills which have helped her shape a very successful future in recruitment. 

The qualities of a Recruitment Consultant


During her time at the education recruitment company, Bianca has progressed from Compliance Officer to Recruitment Consultant and is now one of the senior members of staff holding the role of Senior Recruitment Consultant. She believes recruitment is very much a career, not just a job.


“All the Recruitment Consultants were outgoing and confident, and I was really shy. Working in the Compliance Team meant I had already built a good rapport with schools and candidates, so when the Recruitment Consultant vacancy became available, I thought I would apply. 


“Recruitment is very much a career if you want to progress. I suppose when I joined, I saw it as a job but I really loved what I did and wanted to develop and progress further in the company and the sector.”

A day in the life of a Teaching Assistant


As part of the Senior Recruitment Consultant role, Bianca recruits Teaching Assistants and Teachers for Special Educational Needs schools in East London including Redbridge, Hackney, Barking & Dagenham.


She loves nothing more than meeting new candidates and visiting schools to see first-hand the difference her candidate’s make in shaping the future of the next generation. 


“I love meeting new candidates and I also love going into schools and volunteering for the day. I would volunteer some of my time whether it be helping at Easter and Christmas Fairs or on school trips. 


“I have also spent a day shadowing a Teaching Assistant in the classroom, which was eye-opening. It gave me a real insight into the role and what kind of person you need to be to work in the environment and take on those responsibilities.” 

A personalised approach


Sugarman Education is not your typical recruitment agency. How the Consultants recruit is unique. Instead of placing any candidate in any role, the team at Sugarman Education takes the time to get to know their candidates and understand what placement will suit their skillset.


Bianca commented: “I always make sure my candidates are happy in the positions they are in. I take the time to get to know them and find out what they want from each placement so every placement they work is meaningful to them.”


This is something that when speaking to Sugarman Education candidate and Teaching Assistant, Carolina praised her consultant for.


Speaking to Carolina, she said: “Bianca is lovely – I love her! I have tried different agencies and it’s just not worth leaving her! She is so kind, very responsive and understanding. I have never had any issues.”

Career Progression


During the eight years Bianca has worked at Sugarman Education, she has developed strong relationships with her candidates, like Carolina, and this has helped her to progress her career in the recruitment industry.


Bianca commented: “As I have been at Sugarman Education for several years the management do ask my opinion and I’m sometimes part of the decision-making process. As part of my continued development, the company is helping me to develop into a Team Leader role where I will line manage a Trainee Recruitment Consultant and they will help me with my candidates. 


“I’m looking forward to this new challenge and it’s another opportunity to further develop my skills.” 

Shaping a Future


This commitment from Sugarman Education is one of the reasons why many of the consultants are long-serving members of the team.


Bianca added: “We are all friends and there is a family vibe. I am proud to be part of the team at Sugarman Education. We support one another and share each other’s successes. 


“I think I have shaped my future at Sugarman Education. I was a shy 24-year-old when I joined and during the past 8 years, I have developed my career, grown in confidence and celebrated personal milestones including buying my first house and getting engaged.” 


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