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Career resources for special educational needs (SEN) staff


As a teacher or teaching assistant working within a special educational needs (SEN) setting, you play a crucial role in shaping the lives of students with diverse learning needs. To support you in your valuable work and professional development, we offer a wide range of career resources tailored specifically for educators in the SEN field.


Our collection of blogs serves as insights and advice to help you navigate the unique challenges and rewards of working in special education. Whether you’re seeking practical teaching tips, guidance on effectively managing stress, strategies for acing job interviews, or exploring different career paths within education, you’ll find a wealth of information to support your growth.

Blogs for SEN teachers and teaching assistants


Creating Inclusive Learning Environments

Creating inclusive learning environments for all students, including those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is crucial.

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How to Become an SEN Teaching Assistant

Working within SEN education can be a very rewarding career path. Learn more about how to become a teaching assistant within the SEN sector.

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Behaviour Management Techniques for SEN Students

When it comes to SEN students, teachers and teaching assistants must adopt thoughtful and adaptable behaviour management strategies.

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Explore the 4 Key Areas of SEND  

Within SEND education, it is crucial to ensure that every student regardless of their abilities receives the support they need.

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5 Useful Tips for Teachers New to SEN Education 

Special educational needs (SEN) teachers play a crucial role in the lives of students who need extra learning support and guidance to help them reach their full potential. 

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Recognising Dyspraxia in the Classroom: 7 Key Signs for Teachers

Dyspraxia, also known as Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), affects children’s coordination and motor skills.

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Keeping Motivated as a Teacher 

With the end of the academic year in sight, it can be hard for teachers to stay motivated. Read some of our top tips for teachers.

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How to Write the Perfect CV 

If you have recently finished your training, it helps to have an up-to-date CV that sells your relevant skills, experience and abilities.

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Dealing With Mental Health in a School Setting

Being a teacher is not just about educating young people. You must also be able to support students with their mental health.

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Top 5 Teaching Tips 

We are sharing our top 5 teaching tips to be the best teacher you can be! It’s all about the P’s and C’s… Read our top tips!

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Working at Sugarman Education


Here you can learn more about what it’s like working at Sugarman Education. Within the company, we have witnessed many inspiring journeys – from teachers transitioning into recruitment consultants, to dedicated individuals kickstarting their careers in education recruitment.


Our consultants bring a unique perspective to their roles, having walked the path of teaching themselves. They possess first-hand insights into the challenges, rewards, and aspirations of teachers and teaching assistants, which proves invaluable in their recruitment endeavours.


In the below blogs, we delve into the career journey of our recruitment consultants. These personal narratives highlight the passion, dedication, and skills required to succeed in the world of education recruitment.


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A look into what it’s like working at Sugarman


The Career Journey of a Recruitment Consultant  

When Bianca joined Sugarman Education 8 years ago, as a Compliance Officer, she was new to the world of recruitment.

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From Teacher to Senior Recruitment Consultant 

James Cooney is part of the furniture here at Sugarman Education. James is one of the long-standing members of the team.

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From Supply Teacher to Recruitment Consultant – Lieneke’s Story

Phones ringing, animated chatter and cheers when making a placement, Sugarman Education’s HQ is vibrant and energetic.

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Career Progression Within Recruitment – Sophy’s Story

Little did Sophy know that working in a factory whilst studying at university, was the start of a very successful career in recruitment.

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Building a sustainable future


At Sugarman Education, we are committed to playing our part to help the planet by reducing our carbon footprint and becoming a sustainable business. Affinity Workforce and it’s brands – CER, Monarch Education, Career Teachers and Sugarman Education, have teamed up with Greener Energy Futures and TEMWA Carbon Balance. With these partnerships, we aim to reduce and offset our carbon emissions to protect communities across the world who are severely impacted by climate change.


Our partnerships involve reducing our overall carbon impact and where carbon cannot be neutralised, planting trees to offset any carbon used to help communities in Malawi.


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Our mission to become a greener, more sustainable business


Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

Reducing plastic pollution starts with simple changes we can all make. Each small action adds up to a big impact on our environment.

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Affinity Workforce’s Fundraising Efforts for TEMWA

We are so proud to announce that this year, Affinity Workforce and Sugarman Education have raised a grand total of £7,705 for TEMWA!

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Affinity Launches Mission to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Sugarman and Affinity Workforce have launched a new campaign – Affinity Zero, to help protect communities by reducing its carbon footprint.

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