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Since the launch of our Affinity Zero campaign in 2022, we have made small, yet significant changes to how we operate as a business. We have used greener modes of transport, reduced our waste and continued to use eco-friendly products.


As part of our commitment to becoming a more sustainable business, we have been working in partnership with TEMWA and Greener Energy Futures over the last year to reduce our carbon footprint and offset emissions, helping to protect communities across the world who are severely impacted by climate change.


We are so proud to announce that this year, Affinity Workforce and it’s brands, including Sugarman Education, have raised a grand total of £7705 for TEMWA!


With the dedication from our carefully selected ‘Green Champions’, they encouraged our branches up and down the country to take part in lots of fundraising events such as sponsored walks, bike rides and recycling initiatives. Some even changed their commute to work to offset their carbon emissions.

How will our money help TEMWA?


Our partnership involves reducing our overall carbon impact and where carbon cannot be neutralised, planting trees to offset any carbon used to help disadvantaged communities in Malawi.


£5,150 was used to support the Temwa Carbon Balance initiative and helped plant 4,290 trees and offset 412 tons of carbon.


£1,171 was used to support Temwa’s Community Literacy Education project, supporting 22 community based reading camps for primary school children and 10 school libraries.


£,1384 was used to support Temwa’s more general work delivering health, education, agriculture and forestry projects in Malawi.

We are so proud that our money has helped to support the communities in Malawi in such a positive way. We will continue to work with Temwa to support its funding efforts across other initiatives organised by the charity including girls’ education, HIV and water health, and agroforestry.


We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has taken part in our charity events this year.


Thank you for making a difference!


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