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Latest SEN teaching jobs across London


We’re passionate about helping teachers find fulfilling roles in both mainstream and special educational needs (SEN) schools across London. With a strong focus on SEN education, we offer a diverse range of opportunities for teachers and teaching staff to make a positive impact in the lives of students with additional needs. View our latest SEN teaching vacancies below. If you can’t find a role for you, get in touch with our team or upload your CV and we will be in touch.



Harrow, London


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PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHER – Croydon, South London

Croydon, London

£75 - £100 per day

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SEN teacher roles and responsibilities


As an SEN teacher, you’ll have the opportunity to inspire students, create engaging learning experiences, and contribute to the development of inclusive and supportive school communities.


In SEN schools, teachers work with students who have a range of special educational needs, including autism, learning disabilities, and communication difficulties. They use their expertise and creativity to adapt teaching methods and resources to meet the unique needs of each student.


As an SEN teacher, your responsibilities encompass a wide range of duties aimed at ensuring every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential. You’ll collaborate closely with other professionals, including teaching assistants, therapists, and specialists, to address the unique learning needs of each student. This involves adapting teaching strategies, resources, and assessments to accommodate diverse learning styles and abilities. Additionally, SEN teachers provide ongoing assessment, monitoring, and feedback to track student progress and make necessary adjustments to support their development.


Read our SEN teacher guide

SEN teaching jobs with sugarman


At Sugarman Education, we’ve been placing candidates in both part-time and full-time SEN roles for over 25 years, supporting a range of special education needs, including physical disabilities, behavioural & emotional difficulties, autism, sensory & visionary impairments, profound & multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) and moderate and severe learning difficulties. Your dedicated recruitment consultant will support you in understanding the type of SEN teaching role you are looking for and in identifying those that match your skill set.


As an SEN teacher, you will have the choice between working on supply and working with us on a permanent basis. Supply roles involve providing short-term cover to schools in need, delivering pre-prepared lessons and maintaining continuity in the absence of the regular classroom teacher.


Whether you’re an experienced SEN teacher looking for your next challenge or a newly qualified teacher eager to kick-start your career, we have roles to suit every skill level and career aspiration.


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Career advice for SEN teachers


Looking to advance your career as an SEN teacher? Explore our essential tips and resources tailored specifically for professionals in the special educational needs sector. From perfecting your CV to mastering interview techniques, our expert advice will help you stand out and succeed in your role.


SEN Teacher Job Description


Teaching in an SEN setting is a rewarding career. Special educational needs (SEN) teachers work with children who need additional support or who require an advanced learning programme to reach their full potential in the classroom. Learn more about the role of an SEN teacher.


SEN Teacher Interview Preparation and Common Questions


Preparing for an interview as a special educational needs (SEN) teacher is a crucial step towards securing your dream role in the field of special education. This guide will equip you with the skills to ace your next interview.


CV Writing Guide for SEN Teachers: Tips and Examples


Are you a qualified SEN teacher looking for your next rewarding teaching position? To help you land an interview, the first step is to create an impressive CV that summarises your qualifications, experience and skills.


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As well as discounts and cashback offers, candidates also have access to wellbeing resources and free eye tests. Click here to learn more about Affinity Extra.


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Training opportunities at Sugarman


As part of the Affinity Workforce group, all Sugarman Education candidates will have access to Affinity Academy – our dedicated hub for learning and development. It’s designed to inspire our candidates and colleagues, helping them excel in their roles and beyond.


Our training portfolio has been thoughtfully curated to meet your needs. All candidates have access to comprehensive training modules such as Teaching Assistant Toolkits, Safeguarding Refresher Training, Primary National Curriculum sessions, Skills for supply in Secondary School and SEND and Behaviour Toolkits. Learn more about Affinity Academy.


Sugarman have also partnered with The Skills Network to offer access to over 45 Level 2 online courses. All courses are fully funded and cover a wide array of topics relevant to teaching and working children. Click here to access the Skills Network X Sugarman page.


Learn more about our training opportunities

Latest blogs for SEN teachers


Explore our range of blogs related to the role of SEN teaching staff. Discover tips and tricks you can implement in the classroom and throughout your career. 


Behaviour Management Techniques for SEN Students

When it comes to SEN students, teachers and teaching assistants must adopt thoughtful and adaptable behaviour management strategies.

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Explore the 4 Key Areas of SEND  

Within SEND education, it is crucial to ensure that every student regardless of their abilities receives the support they need.

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5 Useful Tips for Teachers New to SEN Education 

Special educational needs (SEN) teachers play a crucial role in the lives of students who need extra learning support and guidance to help them reach their full potential. 

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Recognising Dyspraxia in the Classroom: 7 Key Signs for Teachers

Dyspraxia, also known as Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), affects children’s coordination and motor skills.

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Keeping Motivated as a Teacher 

With the end of the academic year in sight, it can be hard for teachers to stay motivated. Read some of our top tips for teachers.

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How to Write the Perfect CV 

If you have recently finished your training, it helps to have an up-to-date CV that sells your relevant skills, experience and abilities.

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Dealing With Mental Health in a School Setting

Being a teacher is not just about educating young people. You must also be able to support students with their mental health.

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Top 5 Teaching Tips 

We are sharing our top 5 teaching tips to be the best teacher you can be! It’s all about the P’s and C’s… Read our top tips!

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Top Tips for Aspiring Teachers, From Former Teachers 

Here at Sugarman Education, 21% of our recruitment professionals are former teachers themselves. Read our top tips for aspiring teachers.

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Tips for Settling Into a New School 

Starting a new role is always daunting, but you’ve put in the hard work and now have the opportunity to showcase your skills.

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Hear from our teachers

“I have been with Sugarman Education since the summer. I run my own business and have some time between clients that I like to fill with another source of income. I’m also passionate about working in SEN and working with Sugarman Education has allowed me to use my experience from previous roles to work in rewarding environments. This is also, in large part, thanks to Kevin and his hard work. I feel incredibly lucky to have Kevin helping me find bookings and getting regular work in places I find enjoyable. He has gone out of his way to help me and work around my schedule. I would highly recommend Sugarman to those looking for agency work in the educational sector.”


SEN Teacher in London 

“Sugarman Education the best agency. I love how interpersonal the company is; it’s never hard to get in contact with the consultants they always help you and solve your problems. One of my consultants is Sara. She is amazing and speaks to me in a friendly manner. She is always willing to help, I feel like she has really listened to me and worked hard to get me work in schools in my area. I really look forward to working with them in the future. Definitely recommended!”






SEN Teacher in London 

I’ve worked for Sugarman Education for a few weeks now and I must say it is by far the best job I’ve had; the staff are incredibly nice and easy to talk to, and the overall atmosphere is very welcoming. I’ve had no problems with this agency and would recommend it to anyone looking for childcare work!”








SEN Teacher in London 

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