Schools Visits with Sarah

After 3 years due to pregnancy and then covid, I was able to go out and visit my schools and clients. I had the best day. It made me realise how lucky I am to be doing this job and supplying schools with SEN professionals.

I work with an SEN school in Lewisham where I supply 20 Teaching Assistants (TAs). Seeing all my TAs in action was amazing. The feedback I got from not just the client but the TAs also was amazing and it touched me.

I was able to support the team by helping the children off the buses. Seeing their little faces looking forward to a new day at school and achieving something new that day was something I’ll never forget.

One little boy gave me the biggest hug when I entered the class and led me straight to his learning folder. He picked up the felt numbers and showed me he could count to 10. This little boy had ASD and Downs Syndrome and nothing was stopping him from showing me how bright he was… this for me was another I’ll never forget.

I also went to another SEN school of mine afterwards in Swanley, which I’ve volunteered at several times. Due to covid, I wasn’t allowed to look around but I saw my client face to face for a good catch up.

As I was walking out, I noticed a basket full of bunches of daffodils that the students had collected and picked from the school’s grounds and they were selling them to raise money for their school prom in July. I instantly brought a couple of bunches and walked out with the biggest smile on my face, knowing these wonderful students had picked them and would be so proud of themselves that they had made a sale.

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