At Sugarman Education, we have over 25 years experience in children’s education, with a dedicated team of experienced professionals on hand to support our clients.

As part of our extensive service, we deliver supplementary education programmes for schools by supporting looked-after or vulnerable children. We work in partnership so that an integrated approach is taken to ensure the educational, well-being, social and emotional needs of children and young people are given due priority in a coherent way.

Our Children’s Services division specialises in supplying trained and experienced tutors during or after school, including in a student’s own home, on school premises or an alternative agreed venue.

Our approach focuses solely on achieving goals for students, supporting growth, knowledge and development to demonstrate progress and harness their potential. To enable us to achieve this, we put significant thought into matching children with the right teaching approach, location and tutor. We find working this way leads to a greater achievement against targets.

We offer this service for children  across the full curriculum from key stages 1 to 5.

Our tutoring approach is designed to meet the individual needs of the students and schools we support and can be any of the following methods:

Our tutoring approach is designed to meet the individual needs of the students and schools we support and can be any of the following methods:

One to One

A one-to-one approach is designed to support students who need a dedicated focus from one teaching professional. This is often to allow for quicker learning, questions and establishing trust within the learning process.

Small Groups

Small groups are often very successful for students who experience struggles or difficulties within a large scale classroom environment. Students also often adapt well to reduced classroom numbers with a more focussed approach.

Holiday Schools

Sugarman Education Summer School Programme is tailored to meet the needs of each individual school and the students involved. For a personalised proposal for your school, please contact us on 0203 793 2009 or email children’

Alternative Provision

Sugarman Education Alternative Provision Service can be a Full or Part-Time education provision for those at risk of exclusion or unable to fully attend school. Our personalised academic programmes are tailored to meet social, emotional and academic needs and aim for reintegration or a smooth transition to further learning. AP for schools can be provided on site, or at a sourced, risk assessed venue.

To speak to us about your vacancies and how our service could meet your needs, please get in touch on 0203 793 2009 or email children’



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