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Half term is upon us and it is time for teachers to reset for the next term. Teaching is a demanding role and can take up a lot of your energy. It is important that you take the time to switch off and prepare for the rest of the school year.



Stick to your plan


You may not be able to completely forget about school and there may be some work you need to catch up on before you return. Be sure to dedicate a certain amount of time for work only and stick to it, do not let your workload take over your break.




Make sure you get enough sleep to feel refreshed and recharged. Try not to sleep in too late though – you will find those early mornings much harder when you are back at work!

Plan a trip


Having something to look forward to during the school break will keep you going through those tougher days! Why not book a city break or even plan a day out with friends doing something you enjoy? 



Enjoy a hobby


You may not always have the time for your favourite things when you are working. Whether it’s walking, reading or going to the theatre, take the time to do something that you enjoy. Getting outdoors and taking your mind off school will help you to destress and relax. 

Disable communication


Unless you have some urgent work to attend to, turn off your emails and work phones so that you can truly shut off during your well-earned break. Having regular access to your colleagues will make it harder to wind down.


We hope you enjoy a well-earned break and are ready to take on the new school term! If you are looking for work this school year, have a look at our latest vacancies below.


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