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Working in the Education sector is a challenging but fulfilling vocation that offers a wide variety of career progression opportunities. 


From teaching to non-teaching jobs such as pastoral, support or even headteacher roles, there are many different positions available within the sector. 


We outline the different career progression routes within education for both teaching and non-teaching staff. 

Teaching Roles

There is always a high demand for teachers in the UK, so there are always jobs opportunities available. Whether it’s working as a permanent member of staff or working as a supply teacher in different schools, you have different options to fit your lifestyle.


There are many opportunities for you to progress your career and continue to teach including:


Head of Department

As part of this role, you will be responsible for leading, managing and developing the subject area as well as leading, training and managing staff within the department.


Head of Year

This role focuses more on the pastoral care of a group of students, rather than a subject area. A Head of Year is responsible for overseeing the behaviour, safeguarding and attendance of a year group and will liaise with parents and guardians as well as pupils.

Deputy & Assistant Head Teacher

These roles are senior positions within the school. As part of their role, they work with the Headteacher to promote the school’s vision and values and provide leadership and management of the teaching and learning of all pupils.



You must have experience as a teacher and the above roles to become a Headteacher. A Headteacher is responsible for the school’s finances as well as creating the academic programme, employee training, assessing, and tracking student progress and ensuring the safety of all students.

Non- Teaching Roles


Teaching Assistants

This role is very varied from preparing the classroom, planning learning activities and supervising group activities. If there are some pupils with particular individual needs, some teaching assistants may work one-to-one or in small groups.


Learning Support Assistant

As a Learning Support Assistant, you will provide support for pupils with special educational needs and ensure that the pupils can integrate, as fully as possible, in the activities generally undertaken by the class.


Pastoral Managers

The purpose of this role is to oversee the welfare of the pupils, as well as work with pupils with behavioural issues. You will also oversee attendance issues and contribute to the mentoring of under-performing pupils.

Find the perfect role for you! 

Working in education is a rewarding career that requires hard work, compassion and commitment, and there are roles that depend on a huge variety of personal and professional skills. 


At Sugarman we are dedicated to helping you find your perfect role. Search our job board for our latest roles in your area, or request a call from one of our advisors, who can help match you to your dream job.


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