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 As part of our recruitment campaign ‘Shaping a future’, we have been speaking to our candidates about the benefits of working as a supply teacher with Sugarman. 


As a supply teacher, you play a vital role in supporting schools with staff shortages, whilst having the chance to experience a variety of teaching environments that you may not have the opportunity to do in a more permanent role. This a career that you can fit around your lifestyle, without some of the pressures that a full time teaching role may bring. 


Are you considering a change in your teaching career? Here are some of the reasons why a job in supply teaching may be for you… 


This is key benefit that draws people to the role. You have the luxury of choosing your own days and hours to suit you. You may have another job outside of education or extra-curricular activities that you do not want to miss out on due to work. With this in mind, your dedicated consultant will find work that fits into your schedule, whether you are free one hour a week, or 3 days a week, there will always be work available.
If you specialise in a particular subject and only wish to teach this, this can also be discussed during the registration process. Everything is tailored for you to decide what suits you best.



No paperwork

As all teachers know, the job involves a lot of paperwork! When working on supply, you tend to miss out on those long nights of marking papers or organising lesson plans. You may only be at a school for one day, so that school will more than likely have the lesson organised for you when you arrive, leaving you to simply enjoy the teaching part. This provides a much better work/life balance.


Many of our candidates have told us that it is the variety that appealed to them when they took on a supply role. If you find that you get bored easily, this a great opportunity for you to try your hand at a different type of school, maybe you have never taught a particular subject which you would like to learn more about? Every day is different and most gain skills that they may have never picked up in the same role.



Further Development

By working on supply, you could be mixing with different teachers, pupils and schools every day. By doing so, you will further develop your skills and most definitely learn from others. A teacher may provide learning resources you did not know of, or highlight behaviour management skills that have proved successful for them. Mixing with many different teachers and their processes can only enhance your learning. If you are an ECT, this could be the perfect opportunity to prepare you for your own classroom, allowing you to see what works for you and what you enjoy the most before committing to a full time role.


If you are interested in hearing more about working in supply, or would like to hear about our latest vacancies, contact your us today.


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