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As an SEN teacher, being responsible for a class of 30 children is a challenging and demanding role. This can become much more of a challenge if you are working with children with SEMH (Social, Emotional & Mental Health) issues and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).


In order to keep the class running smoothly and have every child’s interest at heart, it is important to create a structure in order to keep pupils engaged. 


We’ve put together some ideas to keep your classroom a safe and secure learning environment. 

Create a safe space

Be aware of what makes the child feel comfortable. Identify any triggers early on and allocate a space for them to regroup if they become overwhelmed during the school day. Discussing their behaviours with the parent/guardian beforehand will help you to manage your approach and acknowledge the child’s specific needs.


Adapt the lesson

Be sure to create a lesson that is easy to understand for pupils of all abilities. Ensure each child understands the task and be prepared to change the difficulties of the lesson if it is not suitable for all.


Allow Movement

Many children with SEMH issues tend to have shorter attention spans and are not able to sit still for an entire lesson. This is a common barrier for teachers to overcome as it is hard for them to remain focused for long periods of time. Simply allow the child to move from their seat when needed whilst still conducting the lesson, so as not to distract the rest of the class.

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