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Top 5 Teaching Tips

So February half term is over but don’t despair, Sugarman Education is on the ball to see you through to Easter!

We are sharing our top 5 teaching tips to be the best teacher you can be! It’s all about the P’s and C’s…

1 – Prepared – You can never be over prepared! Knowing your curriculum, lesson plans and day structure is the best way to be effective in your teaching approach.

2 – Positive – A positive and upbeat attitude is infectious and if you are showing your passion for teaching, your students can only follow your example for their learning.

3 – Patient – Don’t forget, learning happens at different rates for everyone. Although it can be frustrating to answer what feels like the same questions, individuals reach their questioning at different stages in their journey. Remain patient and consider ways to make the learning process easily accessible for all abilities.

4 – Concise – Being clear and concise in instruction and explanation can turn a complicated topic into something interesting and easily understood for students.

5 – Creative – Creativity holds no bounds when it comes to teaching and education. A creative classroom is often a happy one and creative teaching methods are those that inspire real learning.

So that’s Sugarman Education’s top 5 tips on making teaching work for you. We will be back after Easter with a new set of teacher tips to see you through to the summer term. You can also read our top 5 tips on setting the tone of your classroom HERE. From organisation to photo walls, the ideas are all there.

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New Term, New You? Check out our Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips

Happy New Year! Welcome back to School. We thought you would like to see Sugarman Education’s 5 Top Teaching Tips on starting 2019 as you mean to go on in the classroom. 

Get organised – If you’ve got a stationary cupboard that’s overflowing or marking that runs away with you, our best advice is to choose one organisation method and stick to it. Whether it be a desk planner pad, electronic notes or a diary – choose a method that suits you and it will be easier to stick to.

Photo wall – Create a photo wall in your classroom of your students enjoying various trips/activities or exciting plans to look forward to – it will inspire your students for the upcoming term.

Workspace – Creating an inspiring working environment is a must for teachers and students. This could be introducing colours, quotes or artwork to your classroom. The more fun and energising, the more engaged your students will be.

Positive quote – Choose one positive motivating quote every term to spur you on & keep it handy. It could be an inspiring quote, a music lyric or poetry – something that inspires and motivates you everytime you look at it.

Ask (& listen) – Speak to your students about the objectives for each term and how you plan to deliver them. Get their feedback to help plan your lessons. If students have contributed ideas, they are often even more engaged when those ideas are rolled out!

Don’t forget, just another 6 weeks until February half term, which we know will fly! We’ll catch up then with new Sugarman Education Teaching Tips for the Spring Term.

Looking for a new teaching opportunity? Sugarman Education has a wide range of vacancies, CLICK HERE to read more. Or follow us on Facebook for the latest news, vacancies and competitions.

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