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Did you know it’s Children’s Mental Health Week? 4th – 10th February 2019

Children's Mental Health Week

It’s Children’s Mental Health Week this week and we wanted to share these new school resources for Children’s Mental Health Week (4 – 10 February 2019).

You can download assembly guides, slides, group activities, top tips, fundraising ideas and more for free here:

This year’s theme is Healthy: Inside and Out – the children’s mental health charity Place2Be is encouraging everyone to think about how they look after their bodies and minds.

Place2Be need your help to shine a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health.

Place2Be launched the first ever Children’s Mental Health Week in 2015 to shine a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health. Now in its fifth year, they hope to encourage more people than ever to get involved and spread the word.

Place2Be say:

When we think about healthy living, we tend to focus on looking after our bodies – our physical wellbeing – through food, being active and getting enough sleep.

However, in order to be healthy overall, it’s important that we look after our minds – our mental wellbeing – too.

Our bodies and minds are actually very closely linked, so things that we do to improve our physical wellbeing can help our mental wellbeing as well. When we take steps to be Healthy: Inside and Out, it helps us to feel better in ourselves, focus on what we want to do and deal with difficult times.

We know from our work in schools that children in every class have diagnosable mental health conditions and many more struggle with challenges from bullying to bereavement.

Whether you’re someone who works with children, a parent or carer, passionate about spreading the word, or keen to raise vital funds for Place2Be you can get involved and help us reach as many people as possible.

Find out more:

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