State-funded schools & Multi-Academy Trusts can spend their School-Led Tuition grant on supply staff that are provided outside of the NTP Tuition Partner Pillar. The grant cannot be spent on tuition under the Tuition Partner Pillar or for laptops, room hire and stationery.

The pricing is for 15-hour blocks of tuition and is dependent on the number of students per session. To find out more about our pricing structure please contact our team. 

Under the Tuition Partner Pillar 70% of the cost is subsidised by the Department of Education with the further 30% funded directly to your school. Under School-Led Tutoring, 75% of the cost is subsidised (up to a maximum of £13.50 per hour) with the remainder being tipped up by your school.

There are different funding pillars under the NTP – two of which are School Led Tuition Grant and Tuition Partner Pillar.

Tuition Partner Pillar

Under the Tuition Partner Pillar of NTP the Department of Education provide a 70% subsidy with the school expected to pay the other 30%. Schools utilising this funding pillar can access tutoring from an approved directory of tutoring providers – Tuition Partners. Sugarman Education is a Tuition Partner and has passed a set of quality, safeguarding and evaluation standards.

We offer a range of subjects and provide targeted support for pupils in a small group or one-to-one sessions from Key Stage 1 to 4/5 either in a classroom setting or online.

School Led Tuition pillar

Under the School Led Tuition Pillar 75% of the cost is subsidised however this is up to a maximum of £13.50 per hour. This means the school tops up to £18 per hour. If schools want to spend more than £18 per hour, the school needs to top the hourly rate up further themselves as Department of Education will not pay more that £13.50 per hour

The School Led Tuition Pillar is a ring-fenced grant to fund local tuition, including utilising the school’s current staff, supply staff and private tutors.

If you choose to use a Tuition Partner under the Tuition Partner Pillar, the funding will be paid directly on the school’s behalf. The Tuition Partner will then invoice the school for the unsubsidised element.

Under School-Led Tutoring, the Department of Education will pay the grant directly to the school’s budgets at intervals throughout the academic year.

There is no limit on the number of packages students can have. Schools can buy multiple packages of support for the same pupil using different pillars.

Schools can book a qualified teacher to deliver tuition under the NTP programme. The rates are based on the NTP pricing structure. Please contact our team for more information on costings.

Please contact our team to arrange a meeting, with one of our Divisional Managers, to discuss your requirements and funding available. Once we have this information, we will draft a proposed package for your school and present our recommendations on how to maximise your funding opportunities.



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