Sugarman Health and Wellbeing has been supplying attentive, highly trained healthcare professionals to partner organisations since 1999. Our partners tell us they chose us as their lead recruitment specialist because of our knowledge, expertise, professionalism and attitude which is something we are proud of.

We are delighted to feature some testimonials from our loyal clients.

“Our account manager has been one of my main points of contact for supplying experienced staff to support the existing staffing team at our site for over a year now. Sugarman Health and Wellbeing is my main supplier for experienced staff.

Our account manager is professional and approachable had has supported me numerous times with covering a variety of projects.

Thank you for your support.”

“I have had professional contact with our account manager for quite some time and have always found her to be friendly, courteous and extremely helpful. I have recently met her and a colleague and this further benefits both professional and personal relationships. We use Sugarman Health and Wellbeing as our first source for agency staff and sometimes have requirements at quite short notice. She keeps us closely informed whether or not she can provide staff so that we, as the customer, can manage our safe staffing numbers.  She will meet customer expectations by keeping continuity of staff which is vital in our very different environment to traditional care homes.”

“We write with regard to Sugarman Health and Wellbeing who provide their services to our organisation. We have dealt with Sugarman Health and Wellbeing for the last 3 years during which time they have provided our organisation with excellent support with our recruitment needs and requirements, and continue to do so, in a very professional and helpful manner. We can recommend Sugarman Health and Wellbeing as a reliable and knowledgeable recruitment agency.”

“Sugarman Health and Wellbeing has been the first call I make when I am in need of any agency staff. Due to the reliability, professionalism and quality of staff you supply, you have made it very difficult to even consider using any other agency. So much so that the continuity of staff, has made it such that they are almost regarded as our own staff by everyone in our team, including visiting family members. When required at short notice and at difficult times, you have not let us down and the fact that the on call service is so reliable and easily accessible has made my job easier. At this point in time, I would have no hesitancy in recommending Sugarman Health and Wellbeing to anyone and additionally I have no reason to look elsewhere for my agency staff if the service and staff you provide continues at this standard.”

“I have always found our account manager and her team very pleasant, always available to help. I appreciate sincerely the communication between Sugarman Health and Wellbeing and the home, as my job is very busy. Our account manager is always willing to relieve that pressure by contacting me when everything is organised. Her care team is always polite, well trained and willing to work. I have no issues with recommending Sugarman Health and Wellbeing to any other organisation as I know companies will benefit from their speedy and organised service.”  

“Sugarman Health and Wellbeing have provided a service for us for 6 years to people who have complex needs.  The Council have been happy with the service that Sugarman has provided over these years and there have been no complaints from service users, their family members and carers, or staff that I have been made aware of.  Sugarman Health and Wellbeing consistently demonstrate a caring approach to working with our residents.”



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